Getting closer to TWO!

It's officially 2017 and we are creeping in on Payton's 2nd birthday. My little stinker is getting so big and more ornery by the day. Payton's attitude has definitely been a struggle this month. Some days I feel like I am doing everything wrong and have had my own mini meltdowns. Some days she does the cutest things, she sings to me, she makes me laugh and I just love being her mom. I am so thankful I have been able to survive these past couple of years and I am completely terrified on how I am going to handle the next 16 years.

Disciplining Payton is by far the hardest, most stressful part of being her mom right now. She has gotten to know the time out corner pretty well thanks to all the hitting she has been doing. She absolutely knows that hitting is wrong. As soon as her daddy gets home, Payton tells him she was in time out for being mean and hitting mommy. We talk about why she is in time out, she says "hitting", she says "sorry mommy" and gives me a kiss. I hate the hitting...a lot. What's even worse is she's on the verge of spitting and I won't be able to handle that. It's totally exhausting watching her get frustrated and trying to talk to her before it gets to hitting, then listening to her crying in time out. We will just try and be consistent and hope it gets better.

While Payton can be pretty sassy, she is also very sweet. This week I cut my finger and had to put on a band aid. She knows those are for a boo-boo. She has this sad little face and says "okay mommy?" She kisses it and wants to make sure it doesn't hurt. She checks on me and gives me a hug. Anytime Aaron or I want a kiss or hug she is all about it. She pushes out her bottom lip for kisses; it's adorable.

We have been working through a big change this past week. We decided to move Payton into a big bed. She hadn't been sleeping in the crib, instead she was falling asleep on daddy, mommy or Nanny and Pop Pop and then we would lay her on the guest bed. The bigger bed is just better with all her moving around. We took down the crib and moved the full size bed in her room. It has been a long week, getting her to actually stay in the bed and fall asleep. She does everything she can to avoid it; she ask for milk, wants to read a few more books and asks for Cami to sleep with her. I know it is going to be a long transition, but it was going to happen sometime and now is as good a time as any.

We are working on plans for her 2nd birthday. Nothing big, just a family event to celebrate the girl turning two. There will be some Elmo and Abby decorations for sure. Her presents are still TBD. Lots to do! I'll end this blog with my all time favorite video of Ms Payton singing....


  1. I love you Payton. You are getting so big and I love to hear you sing your songs. You are so smart. I love you so much.

  2. Oh my goodness sweetheart! You are a genius! So smart and so gorgeous. We love and miss you so much! <3. Keep singing and smiling that precious smile of yours.


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